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New and Cool Stuff here are some things that make life easier and are fun to have.

News and Information News and reviews for you.

What should I buy keeps you up to date on what to consider when looking for a new computer.

Looking for a Notebook - wading through the tons of choices can be a pain.

The Top Ten are the best hardware and software products you should be

Troubleshooting Guides ...

Deciphering Digital Images, The guide to pixels and image sizes

Windows Vista Upgraders Guide If you are really upgrading to Windows 7, the comments here still apply to you. Take a look.

The Guide to Backups What are you doing about backing up your files. Here's how.

 Building a Home Network What you need to look at when setting up a network at home.

Wireless Networking - The Tips for your Wireless Networking.

Digital Cameras is a study and advice on things to know before Selecting a Digital Camera.

Can't Find It ?? Try the Catacombs ...

The Archives - Check out some older stories and reviews that we have kept online for you (and all those web-bots that look for such stuff).

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Favorite Links Page is where we go for information on drivers, software updates, product information, and more.

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